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  • Advised a Swiss company on certain issues of Uzbek law. 

  • Advised a wide range of foreign investors and corporate entities operating and investing in Central Asia with projects ranging from small (less than USD 1 million) to large (up to USD 100 million). 

  • Advised the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector in relation to USD 75 million line of financing to Uzbek banks, conducting due diligence in respect of five commercial banks.

  • Advised a leading Uzbek company engaged in a retail business on legal aspects of entering into a number of franchise agreements with European retail companies. 

  • Advised clients regarding corporate structures, acquisitions, farm-outs, liquidations, reorganizations and bankruptcy in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. 

  • Advising a leading international insurance company on issues of insurance law in Uzbekistan.

  • Advising a wide range of FMCG companies on legal aspects of licencing, export and import regulation, custom and tax control, labeling, certification, e-commerce, wholesale and retail trade in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. 

Law and Business in Central Asia: News & Updates
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